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Division: Div 2 West
Home Team: Cheshire Officers 1
Away Team: Liverpool CC 3
Date:03 Oct 2019
Time:07:00 pm

NomHome PlayerNomAway PlayerResultGames
 Nigel Thomas Alan Gibbons3011/9 11/5 11/9
 Gareth Frost Simon Jeffreys3011/4 11/9 11/7
 Joseph McGoldrick Cory Harding1311/4 4/11 7/11 5/11
 Paul Williams Matthew Dolphin138/11 6/11 11/9 9/11
 Roy Crompton Steve Harding039/11 9/11 10/12

Report: The last time willo played Steve we were playing with wooden rackets, Dunlop green flash pumps were the footwear of choice and dinosaurs walked the earth. Charlie and Graham are still on holiday so willo was promoted to 4 and the stalwarts would need to wait until the second half of the season if they are to 'cross swords' again.

Many pundits had called this as a relegation 40 pointer and our visitors, like Dina Asher-Smith were quick out of the blocks with Matty and Cory being too quick and strong for willo and Joseph respectively.

like the karate Kid Simon donned a bandana, no doubt to keep sweat out of his eyes but today it proved invaluable padding as he was clipped by a trademark Frostie windmill. Although Simon recovered to provide some deft touches and excellent squash, frostie was not to be denied and the hosts were back in the match.

Steve was dazzling ..... not just his squash but also his luminous purple top and knee length blue socks (whatever happened to all white kit?) which proved to good for Roy but only by the slghtest of margins in each game.

to copy and paste from my last report ...... there is no such thing as a dead rubber and so it proved as 'Toughmudder' and 'Gibbo' covered every board on the court to provide superb entertainment. Nige took the first two games but Gibbo recovered to be 9-6 up and scenting a comeback which the crowd would have been delighted with but 'Toughmudder' dug deep and took 5 points in a row to secure three valuable points for CCO, who welcome back their holidaymakers for the visit of local rivals Chester Rugby Club next week.


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