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Division: Div 4 South West
Home Team: Whitby 1
Away Team: Winsford 2
Date:31 Oct 2019
Time:07:00 pm

NomHome PlayerNomAway PlayerResultGames
 Tom Maloney James Andrew3111/8 2/11 11/7 11/8
 Shaun Stout Stephen Abbiss3112/10 11/6 8/11 11/4
 John Hamilton Andrew Morley135/11 11/8 9/11 4/11
 Jon Hudston Chris Knight034/11 9/11 4/11
 Jimmy Hough Rueben Mather3012/10 11/9 16/14

Report: Tonight was a game where Whitby thought it was going to be damage limitation.
Whitby weakened by losing there No 1 & 2 were up against it.
Normally, its the lower order that saves the day!
Not Tonight. It was the old farts that saved the day.
At 3 & 4 John & John Huffed, Puffed and failed the youth brigade. An average of maybe 35 years of age, gave way to the gereatric brigade.
As first Jimmy taught young Reuben its not all about running. But finesse and being left handed.
Tom, on his wedding anniversarary night, with his better half looking on, gave James an educatiopn in not how to play squash, never the less he won as usual.
Shaun went on court with the game at 2-2, pressure is high. At this point its all about bottle? Shaun is not known for this attribute? Except in situations like tonight, where he moved (yes you heard right) chased, and played with a control normally unseen in Div 4. To take a win with such aplomb not seen too often in this division.
So Whitby come out with a well earned if unlikely win. "YES" about time too. "O" and by the way the average age of the winners was Approx 60. Not bad ehhh.
Author: Andy Hughes

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