Div 3 Central North 
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  Team   P W L D F A Pen Total
1YMCA Thornton 1Awaiting validation222110416740416
23-1-5 Squash Club 2Awaiting validation2317603551890355
3Lancaster University 1Awaiting validation2217503371750337
4Blackpool CC 2Awaiting validation2215703162350316
5David Lloyd Chorley 2Awaiting validation22111102902610290
6Lancon 1Awaiting updated results22121002642550264
7YMCA Thornton 2Awaiting validation22111102612650261
8Markland Hill 1Awaiting validation2281402452800245
9Preston Grasshoppers 2Awaiting validation2281402172980217
10St Annes 2Awaiting validation2281402173120217
11Clayton Green 1Awaiting validation2281401943370194
12East Lancs 1Awaiting validation2241801553640155
13Blackburn Northern 2Awaiting updated results2131801343560134

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