Div 5 North East 
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  Team   P W L D F A Pen Total
1Village Hotel Bury 2Awaiting validation2421304281220428
2St Peters Burnley 2Awaiting validation2417703562190356
3Tame Valley 5Awaiting validation2416803242400324
4Fairways Lodge 3Awaiting validation24131103242700324
5City of Manchester 5Awaiting updated results2316703212130321
6Haslingden 4Awaiting validation24131103212560321
7Monton 4Awaiting validation2415903152420315
8Cheetham Hill 3Awaiting validation24131103092580309
9Crow Wood 3Awaiting validation24141003052580305
10Rochdale CLS 5Awaiting updated results23101302553000255
11Tame Valley 6Awaiting validation2471701993590199
12Total Fitness Whitefield 3Awaiting validation2432101674160167
13Markland Hill 3Awaiting validation2451901643770164
14Bury 4Awaiting validation2442001494070149

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