Div 4 North East 
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  Team   P W L D F A Pen Total
1Village Hotel Bury 1Awaiting validation2221104111120411
2Fairways Lodge 2Awaiting validation2217503511960351
3Bury 2Awaiting validation2217503401860340
4Tame Valley 3Awaiting validation2215703302200330
5Crow Wood 2Awaiting validation2215703192100319
6Rochdale CLS 3Awaiting updated results2113803111970311
7Rochdale CLS 4Awaiting validation22121003072330307
8Markland Hill 2Awaiting validation22121002732750273
9City of Manchester 4Awaiting updated results2171402063190206
10Total Fitness Whitefield 2Awaiting validation2371602053380205
11Tame Valley 4Awaiting updated results2222001483900148
12Bury 3Awaiting validation2231901443700144
13Haslingden 3Awaiting updated results21120090389090

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