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Half Date Home TeamAway Team   Result Games Match
1Thu 19/09/19 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Cheshire Officers 4 (withdrawn)    View
1Thu 26/09/19 19:00 Chester Rugby 4Hilbre Squash Club 1ValidatedWon 18-64-1View
1Thu 03/10/19 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Neston 4ValidatedLost 4-200-5View
1Thu 10/10/19 19:00 Holywell Leisure SC 2Hilbre Squash Club 1ValidatedLost 19-61-4View
1Thu 17/10/19 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1New Brighton 2ValidatedWon 17-54-1View
1Thu 24/10/19 19:00 Whitby 2Hilbre Squash Club 1ValidatedLost 20-40-5View
1Thu 31/10/19 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Winsford 3ValidatedWon 18-64-1View
1Thu 07/11/19 19:00 Crewe Vagrants 5Hilbre Squash Club 1ValidatedLost 21-40-5View
1Thu 14/11/19 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Barnton CC 3ValidatedWon 18-54-1View
1Thu 21/11/19 19:00 Delamere Park 1Hilbre Squash Club 1ValidatedWon 16-123-2View
1Thu 12/12/19 19:00 Heswall 6Hilbre Squash Club 1ValidatedWon 18-74-1View
2Thu 09/01/20 19:00 Cheshire Officers 4 (withdrawn) Hilbre Squash Club 1   View
2Thu 16/01/20 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Chester Rugby 4ValidatedWon 17-64-1View
2Thu 23/01/20 19:00 Neston 4Hilbre Squash Club 1ValidatedWon 16-93-2View
2Thu 30/01/20 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Holywell Leisure SC 2ValidatedLost 3-200-5View
2Thu 06/02/20 19:00 New Brighton 2Hilbre Squash Club 1ValidatedLost 18-51-4View
2Thu 20/02/20 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Whitby 2ValidatedLost 3-191-4View
2Thu 27/02/20 19:00 Winsford 3Hilbre Squash Club 1 Won 18-64-1View
2Thu 05/03/20 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Crewe Vagrants 5 Lost 4-210-5View
2Thu 12/03/20 19:00 Barnton CC 3Hilbre Squash Club 1ValidatedWon 14-93-2View
2Thu 19/03/20 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Delamere Park 1 Won 16-123-2View
2Thu 16/04/20 19:00 Hilbre Squash Club 1Heswall 6 Won 18-74-1View

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